Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Commercial Vinyl Tile - Yay or Nay

After I closed on my home this past summer one of the first things I did was rip up the old and dirty floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Ever since then I've been searching for the perfect flooring for my kitchen and bathroom to go with my mid-century home. My main requirements were how affordable the materials are, whether or not I could do the job myself, and of course how it looked.

I knew I didn't want to go with vinyl sheet flooring, I didn't like the look, and with such an odd shaped kitchen I would have to deal with a seam. I really didn't want to go with self-stick tiles either, again I wasn't thrilled with the look and my cats had a habit of scratching them up. I thought about going with luxury vinyl tile, I liked that you could grout it to make it appear to be actual tile. This was the plan until my Mom introduced me to commercial vinyl tile (aka CVT or VCT).

I had seen CVT plenty of times before, but never gave it much thought. Once my Mom mentioned it I did my research and saw that it would be perfect in my 1950's home. The searches gave me plenty of ideas for different patterns and designs I could make with the tiles. It's amazing how good the floors looked, and I'm excited to have finally found the perfect floor covering.

There is some great information about CVT from About's Flooring Guide. Apparently it's been popular in Europe for years, and is just starting to gain steam here in the states again. The tile runs about 72 cents a square foot, but wait til I tell you about the deal I got! Here's some inspiration in the meantime.

How great is this floor from Wedgewood Tulsa, a great blog all about restoring a 1950's gem!

This is a fun example of CVT from a commercial building on Clemson Forum.

This advertisement is for Mannington Commercial Tile.

More commercial vinyl tiles in a commercial setting.

A great example from

This example is from a blog on mid-century modern in Fort-Worth and Dallas.

This fun example is from some informational website.

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