Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My favorite things - Radiator edition

There is something I love about old radiators. Part of it is the nostalgia. They remind me of coming in from the snow during my childhood, and curling up next to them to warm up. I love the clanging sound as they heat up. I especially love the way they look. The addition of a radiator to a room adds so much character in my eyes. At the new house I have a radiator in every room, none of them are overly decorative, but I love the way the heat feels from a radiator and wouldn't trade them for any more modern conveniences. I've slowly been working on sanding them down and painting them, but these pictures are making me envious.

This antique cast iron radiator is currently for sale.

This beautiful radiator is from a pair salvaged out of a church.

This is a decorative cast iron radiator cover, from England.

I've never seen a radiator like this one from Salvo UK.

This post from Ariela's Studio has some great examples of painted radiators.

This post from Casa Sugar has some great info on painting radiators.

I love the color of this one.

Another fun example of effective use of color!

I absolutely love the coloring of this entire room.

This one is perfectly simple.

And finally the one that reminds me the most of my home.

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