Friday, January 20, 2012

My favorite things - Empire chandelier edition

For most people who visit my home, one of the first things they notice are my chandeliers and pendant lights. I usually have them hanging in almost every room. My Mom is the same way, though hers are definitely better, and older than mine. I love the way they finish a room, and I love the way they cast light, whether it's through prisms, or through a delicately painted shade.

One of my favorite styles of chandelier is the Empire chandelier. This is a classic French style chandelier with two rings, a smaller one at the top and a larger one at the bottom. Traditionally they were made of metal with crystal beading hung in a basket shape. I love the more modern versions and have seen them in crystal, shell, bead, wood, mirror, and metal. They all throw the light in a beautiful way, and look elegant hanging in even the most simple room. I have been on the search for this type of chandelier for years, and I know I'm just one yard sale or antique shop away from finding it!

Here are some beautiful pictures of Empire chandeliers. I'll be sure to take some pictures of my Mom's lights soon too!

This is more of a classic style Empire chandelier. I found a designer and blogger who shares my love of Empire chandeliers at Tobi's blog. She has some great info on the style.

This glass and bronze cherub chandelier is for sale at Judy Frankel Antiques - for $ 3,795.

This crystal version is for sale at One of a Kind Antiques.

This style would be perfect in a Shabby Chic room. It is for sale at Restoration Hardware for a reasonable $ 249.

I found this one on the lighting blog La Lumiere. Another designer who shares my obsession! She said it is from Bobo Intriguing Objects.

I've seen this chandelier on so many blogs, and I can understand why. It is by Marjorie Skoura Design and comes in a variety of materials and colors.

I've also seen this interior on many, many blogs. These pictures were orignally from Domino Magazine, and are the home of Jenna Lyon.

Another picture of Jenna Lyon's townhouse, with even more lamp!

Here is that beautiful turquoise chandelier by Marjorie Skoura Design again.
And one more view of the Restoration Hardware chandelier, so pretty!

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