Sunday, March 4, 2012

Front Doors

I've already picked out a nice light yellow for my house, a little lighter than what it currently is. I am getting rid of the red accents and sticking with all white trim. But it seems like picking out a front door color should be easier than it has been.

I think my biggest concern is that I have a two car garage door that I also plan on painting to match the door. So while it would be easy to get by with a door painted a color that's not quite right, I don't think I could ignore a huge eyesore that would be the street-facing garage door.

I've searched yellow houses endlessly online to try to find the right color and shade, but didn't have any a-ha moments. But while driving the other day I passed an old tavern that I have been by so  many times before. The Rider Tavern in Charlton, MA is painted a really pretty light yellow, and it has these great minty green doors that stand-out just enough, without being overwhelming.

I think I may have found my color. It would be pretty on a front door, and I don't think it would be to overpowering on a garage door. Plus it's not plain old white or black. Here's a picture of the tavern, as well as some great front door inspirations:

Here it is, the Rider Tavern in Charlton, MA.

I love this door, and the color is very similar.

Purple is my favorite color!

So European!

Pretty combination.

This one reminds me of the beach.

Red doors are welcoming.

And popular!

This is pretty also, the yellow is just a little off.

I love this home, it is light yellow with a dark metal roof, just like mine! It's driving me nuts that I can't see what color the front door is!

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