Thursday, March 1, 2012

Classic Party Dress - 1950's

The 1950's brought about many changes in the way women looked and dressed. The look of the 50's woman was lady-like, feminine, and fun, making way for the modern woman. Christian Dior was a pioneer of the full skirt, fitted waist look. The dresses of this era were made to flatter a woman's body, and that's probably why they've become so popular yet again.

Some of them have also held up remarkably well, and I'm always excited when I come across a fancy party dress when I'm out thrifting. Here's some of my favorites from around the web:

ecosalon: Now & Then: The History of the Cocktail Dress

Real Simple

DearGolden Vintage on etsy

Squidoo: Addicted to 50s Fashion

we (heart) it

Couture Allure

Couture Allure

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